Making Hairdressing Easy CC1

Making Hairdressing Easy CC1

$ 1,000.00

Hairdressing Made Easy - Cutting Course 1

Developed for all levels of hairdressing, this 2-day comprehensive course will walk you through the reasons of why we do what we do when it comes to creating sustainable shapes and objective looks. When we understand the definitive architecture of layering and graduation applications, we begin to discover why, when, and how to apply each one of these in order to map a cut. The cause and effect behind elevation and distribution will be taught through practical exercises and mannequin use, resulting in confidence and predictability in your process. By course end, you will have the strength, tools and knowledge to break down any haircut and execute it with confidence. 

This course includes:

-       Two days of instruction led by International Cutting Artist Travis Parker

-       Hands-on mannequin sessions

-       Teachings on one length, diagonal forward and back, inversion, square and seamless layers, and layer vs. graduation

Tools required:

-       Shears

-       Razor (plus extra blades)

-       Cutting comb

-       Round bristle brush

-       Paddle bristle brush

-       Denman brush

-       Water bottle

-       Diffuser

-       Hair dryer with nozzle

-       6 clips

-       Marcel iron (1” or larger)