Making Hairdressing Easy CC2

Making Hairdressing Easy CC2

$ 1,000.00

Making Hairdressing Easy - Cutting Course 2

Built upon the applications taught in Cutting Course 1, this class is designed for the ‘honestly’ advanced hairdresser. Over 2 days, more than twenty new, sophisticated techniques will be introduced, with professional instruction demonstrated on live models and hands-on sessions with mannequins. Over-confidence as a hairdresser is common and at times we may believe we are more skilled in hair cutting then we actually are. While this course guarantees to be a humbling one, it also promises to create a secure way to move forward, defragmenting principals and advancing techniques, which in turn paves the path to your greatest capacity as a stylist.


This course includes:

-       Two days of instruction led by International Cutting Artist Travis Parker

-       Live model demonstrations

-       Hands-on mannequin sessions

-       Over 20 advanced techniques that are built upon the basics taught in Course 1

Tools required:

-       Shears

-       Razor (plus extra blades)

-       Cutting comb

-       Round bristle brush

-       Paddle bristle brush

-       Denman brush

-       Water bottle

-       Diffuser

-       Hair dryer with nozzle

-       6 clips

-       Marcel iron (1” or larger)