Hairdressing Made Easy

Through years of personal experience, I have found that the definition of a successful hairdresser far exceeds the practical applications of just cutting and coloring. When you have mastered the technical components of the industry and have developed a compressive understanding of the human element of connection, your work becomes expertly seamless. Thus resulting in the mastery of your trade and the opportunity to operate at your highest potential. The following courses are designed to take you beyond the obvious and propel you into unrealized realms of possibility.

Built upon the foundational principles of hairdressing, they are the developed to bring out your very best and train you to be the greatest hairdresser YOU can be. Through personal interaction and connection in a small group setting, I intend to uncover your natural abilities, taking into consideration the way you learn best, and build you from there.

  • “I’ve never felt comfortable in hair cutting, I always felt very vulnerable, and I definitely had a lot of insecurities with hair cutting all together. I walked away from TPA feeling extremely comfortable with haircutting; and I would dare say it, that I would actually consider myself a actual hair cutter.” -Jamie Dana @jamiedanahairstylist

  • "The academy hits all the marks for my high expectations of education. The content is thoughtful and approachable, the environment is inspiring, and the educators are always focused on the needs of their students.” -Andrew Carruthers @andrew.carruthers

  • “I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Travis Parker academy to take his foundational cutting course, I have been in the industry for 35 years and found this seminar so incredibly informative and brilliantly put together. I left completely inspired by Travis and his amazing team. A true Icon and visionary in our industry.” -Diego Raviglione @diegoraviglione

the Travis Parker Academy team
Travis Parker @travisparkerhair & Jeremy Taylor @jeremytaylorhair


  • “By completing courses CC1, CC2, and CC3, I was able to really understand the fundamentals of haircutting as well as advance all of those techniques that I learned at the beginning. It gave me an arsenal of tools to use behind the chair.” -Kendall Schmidt @kendalljshair



  • "I attended Cutting Course ONE and came back to Nashville ready to take on the city with my new found skills and confidence." -Tim Hauk @airtohair

  • "The intimacy of his class allows a lot of one-on-one time with Travis himself, so you get the full bang for your buck.” -Aysun Malta @_aysvn

  • The Travis Parker Academy experience is unlike anything I was able to find within our industry." -China Wilson @chinaknight

  • “It’s such an intimate environment that is one on one. It feels like we are all friends since it’s such a small class and we all get to share our knowledge. It’s really fun and inspiring.”-Eileen Parra Feeney @styleen_

  • “His wealth of knowledge teaches us to know the why."-Kelsey Schaaf @kelsey_matthewrobertsalo

  • “Travis is not only is a great teacher, but a mentor." -Stacy Brown @hairbydtstacyb


Our LIVE courses give you hands-on access to the complete core curriculum in 2 ways, whether it be in person, or online.

Live Online Course

Our Live Online course mode is a real-time, interactive experience taught directly by the Travis Parker Academy team over a five day schedule. Transform your craft with live instruction and feedback from anywhere in the world.

Must have video conferencing capability and reliable internet connection to participate.

Live in San Diego

This Live course is an intimate, hands-on experience hosted at Travis Parker Academy in San Diego, CA. Travis Parker and Jeremy Taylor will personally instruct your two-day course and provide you with transformative, one-on-one feedback.

Instruction focuses on hands-on mannequin sessions with tripods and mannequins provided. Beverages, pastries, and refreshments provided.

Hairdressing Made Easy | Cutting Course ONE

Developed for all levels of hairdressing, this online comprehensive course will walk you through the reasons of why we do what we do when it comes to creating sustainable shapes and objective looks. When we understand the definitive architecture of layering and graduation applications, we begin to discover why, when, and how to apply each one of these in order to map a cut. The cause and effect behind elevation and distribution will be taught through practical exercises and mannequin use, resulting in certainty and predictability in your process. By course end, you will have the strength, tools and knowledge to break down any haircut and execute it with confidence.

Hairdressing Made Easy | Cutting Course TWO

Designed to support and build upon the foundation laid in Cutting Course One, this online course pushes your skills further. Utilizing new texturizing techniques, razors and various texturing tools, finished with a variant of styling techniques and dry cutting. This course breaks down each haircut with a greater focus on the personalization process.

Hairdressing Made Easy | Cutting Course THREE

The 3rd installment in the series will take what we’ve learned to date and apply a new level of personalization and expansion of the principles with an introduction to face framing, disconnection, blending, texturizing techniques, and sectioning patterns. Each cut pushes your boundaries with logical and comprehensive methodologies. Graduating this finale course of the Travis Parker Method provides you with the confidence, the knowledge, and the skill to create any personal inspiration.

While courses are designed for all skill levels (apprentice, intermediate, advanced), you must be a licensed cosmetologist to participate.

All confirmed reservations all final. No refunds issued.


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