Travis Parker Academy

Hairdressing Made Easy

Through years of personal experience, I have found that the definition of a successful hairdresser far exceeds the practical applications of just cutting and coloring. When you have mastered the technical components of the industry and have developed a compressive understanding of the human element of connection, your work becomes expertly seamless. Thus resulting in the mastery of your trade and the opportunity to operate at your highest potential.

The following courses are designed to take you beyond the obvious and propel you into unrealized realms of possibility. Built upon the foundational principles of hairdressing, they are the developed to bring out your very best and train you to be the greatest hairdresser YOU can be. Through personal interaction and connection in a small group setting, I intend to uncover your natural abilities, taking into consideration the way you learn best, and build you from there.

While the course is designed for all skill levels (apprentice, intermediate, advanced), you must be a licensed cosmetologist to participate.

In order to provide the most personalized experience, courses are limited to only 5 students. To secure attendance, please send an email to Payments are accepted through Venmo or Apple Pay Cash. Money is fully refundable if cancelled within 30 days of event.

May 20-21 CC1

June 24-25 CC2

August 26-27 CC1

October 14-15 CC2